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We Provide an Effective Voice for Your Legal Issue

Our law office understands that your legal issue affects every aspect of your life. Without a proper and effective voice to your legal issue, your way of life could be in jeopardy. We can help resolve your issue through strategic negotiation and aggressive trial representation.

Personalized Service

We are dedicated to providing personalized service to all our clients. We return all client phone calls within 24 hours and offer flexible office hours to meet your needs. You can reach us easily, and we can help protect your rights immediately.

We pride ourselves on our clear, direct communication. We can explain your legal options and consequences without confusing language. We discuss your expectations for your case, whether you want to negotiate a settlement or take your case to trial, so that we can meet your expectations.

 The Power of Negotiation

Lawyer Chad T-W Pratt has more than 20 years of experience negotiating settlements with insurance companies and attorneys. Our firm's understanding of insurance policy coverage rules and regulations helps us provide you with sound legal counsel. We can provide an effective voice for your pain and suffering.

If you have extensive injuries, we want your settlement to cover medical treatments until you are healed or for your permanent condition.

Aggressive Trial Support

Sometimes your best option is to take your case to trial. If you are not happy with a proposed settlement, or your legal situation can only be resolved through trial, we can help.

We provide aggressive trial support. We investigate your case to determine strategies that can help you receive optimum results possible.

Free Consultation

If you need an effective voice for your legal issue, please call us at 626-441-2423, or send us an e-mail, for a free consultation. Our office is located in old town Pasadena on N. Raymond Avenue in between cross streets Colorado Blvd and Union Street.


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